When did simplicity become such a precious commodity?

Our ancestors respected the land, and in turn the land was generous. People lived by the seasons and fruit tasted like the real thing. Simple.

Chateau Belle-Vue is a vineyard deeply rooted in heritage. Our vines never encounter a chemical, only the touch of human hands. Every wine we make ferments using the yeast nature provided. This is why our production is capped at a mere 20,000 bottles from 60 acres of mountainside terraces.

Joining the Chateau Belle-Vue Founders Club is the only way to guarantee access to our limited production wines, delivered direct to your home or office twice annually. The wines are beautiful to drink and share—and they are part of a story we all need to remember.

Pour a glass. Inhale the perfume. Let your palate succumb to the velvety richness of La Renaissance. It’s so simple.

Welcome to the Founders' Club!