The Arrival of the 2010 Vintage



Beirut, 4 May 2017

Chateau Belle-Vue, the historic vineyards and boutique winery in Bhamdoun, proudly announces the launch of its red wines from 2010—Le Chateau and La Renaissance.

Join us on Saturday, May 6th, for festivities celebrating the release of the newest vintage, 2010. From 12 noon to 5 pm, you are invited to join us in the presence of the owners, Naji and Jill Boutros, along with key members of the Belle-Vue team.  You’ll have the opportunity to taste the new wines before making a purchase, for one day only, at attractive winery prices.

Chateau Belle-Vue, family-run vineyards and winery lodged firmly in the mountains overlooking Beirut, began as Naji Boutros’ simple desire to pay homage to a legacy of viticulture in a village shattered by war decades ago.  In the summer of 1999, after much reflection, the Boutros family left their comfortable home in cosmopolitan London to relocate to Bhamdoun, a small village in Mount Lebanon devastated in the early 1980s.  It was their belief that Bhamdoun was a place where it was still possible to add value.  The most natural route to strengthening the local economy would be through viticulture, considering both the village's reputation for quality table grapes and the wealth of terraced vineyards lying unused and neglected in the surrounding valley. 

“When we moved here, there was nothing,” remembers owner Naji Boutros. “The valley used to burn every year. We’ve managed to recreate the heritage of Bhamdoun’s generous vineyards.”

Much has changed since the family began planting grapes in April of 2000.  Chateau Belle-Vue now cultivates 24 hectares of terraced vineyards which sculpt the mountainside below Bhamdoun village, southwest to northeast in orientation, at altitudes ranging from 950 to 1200 meters.  Moderate temperatures and plentiful summer sun combine to create an ideal microclimate for viticulture. Wine is made exclusively using grapes grown on the property using organic farming practices.  Yields are kept intentionally low, and an artisanal, handcrafted element directs the team’s work from vine to wine.  

Mr. Boutros’ ancestors recognized these terroirs centuries ago—today, in replanting the ‘noble’ grape varieties, Belle-Vue benefits from the wisdom of their experience. Its wines showcase the rich bounty of a most desirable vineyard, carefully tended by men and women who appreciate the generosity of their valley in much the same way their ancestors did.  Hard work and traditional methods allow the integrity of the grapes to remain.  Chateau Belle-Vue wine tells its story, and that same story has been told for generations:  this historically rich, biblical land is fertile and blessed.

The finest wines tell a story--of heritage, passion, or perhaps the quest for that 'perfect vintage'.  But only rarely does a wine seek to express our deeply human connection to each other and to the land. 

You can experience the elegance and heritage of Chateau Belle-Vue wines.  Our success means the success of a whole village.  It's that simple.

Le Télégraphe de Belle-Vue

Where is it possible to replenish your spirit with fresh mountain air, enjoy beautiful views of the sea and surrounding valleys, and find yourself the relaxed luxury you crave?  Le Télégraphe de Belle-Vue offers all this and more, just 25 minutes’ drive from Beirut.  You can walk amongst the vines, taste award-winning wines, dine near the roaring fire and sleep in total comfort as you explore this small mountain town and its legacy of vineyards.  Our team is committed to excellence—the goal is to provide a relaxing mini-break to guests coming from Beirut and abroad.

“The highest compliment,” says owner Jill Boutros, “is that our guests feel totally at home at Le Télégraphe.  They never want to leave!”

Dining at Le Télégraphe, whether indoors next to the roaring fire in winter or outside on the terrace all summer long is an experience not soon forgotten.  Fantastic French and Italian cuisine compliments beautifully the world-class wines grown and produced right there in the village.  Seasonal produce is featured in the offerings proposed Chef Rodrigue, including lavender-infused olive oil harvested locally and fresh herbs growing wild in the valley.

Each suite of the adjacent bed and breakfast hotel offers a wood-burning fireplace.  The rooms are simple in décor, and luxurious in feel.  You’ll enjoy the best of the mountains with the benefit of a cozy, welcoming environment.

Welcome home to Belle-Vue!